Used Laser Cutters

Used Laser Cutters

Oct 05

People who generally buy a laser cutter machine on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist do so to save money up front.  But often times that savings ends up being rather expensive in the long term.  Machines work well if they’ve been maintained and cared for.  A used co2 laser can look nice but ‘under the hood’ could be a big problem such as dried up belts, a dead or leaking laser tube, damaged focal lenses or mirrors, gantry that’s not level, etc.  So, unless you’re certain of the quality you’re getting I would only buy used if its a steal…and then I’d still be cautious.

Generally when you are buying from online auctions like eBay it means you’re looking for something cheap otherwise you wouldn’t be there.  I ‘d strongly only look at sellers with a good feedback rating.

Now it is always advised to such people that they should probably wait and save some more and once they have they should go and buy a new one instead of getting a used one since it would just be like throwing your money off and wasting it since you will spend the equal amount of money and effort on repairing and fixing the machine  – the amount which you could have applied to purchasing a new unit.

The greatest problem behind the so called ‘advice’ is that you need to know what you’re doing when buying used equipment and especially used laser machines!  Like here…  is that no doubt if they are cheap then this will indicate that the machine is having a big problem and it can be guaranteed that it will prove to be problematic and sometimes will not support your commands. You fell into the trap when the owner is bragging online about its perfect condition because if the thing has to be imported then you are unable to examine it unless you have purchased it and it has been shipped to you. The owner wills most definitely never tell you the real reason why he is selling the gadget and what exactly is the problem with it. He might tell you one or two of its problems but he will never tell you the real one. You will find out about this problem when you have started using the product and it will be impossible to return it. The owner will never agree on the point that the problem was there in the machine before the purchase and it was kept hidden to get a good price.

If you are having no choice and you have to buy a laser cutter machine EBay then you should wait a bit or look regularly. If your luck is good then definitely you will find a laser cutter machine which will be second hand but the owner will be selling it due to some financial problem or some other which will not be related to the machine. In these lucky cases you might end up with a good machine in very less amount of money otherwise you always will fall in the pit of deception in such cases. Don’t throw your savings just like that and be careful and observant to get what you want.

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