Laser Metal Etching

Laser Metal Etching

Jul 15

When we look on metal from the view of a person when metal was just discovered, we would think it to be invincible. It would be beyond our imagination to put a dent on it let along etch a proper symbol or writing on it. On the other hand now it is a work of everyday that we are molding the metal in our own way. We are writing on it like it was as easy as we were writing on water. All of this laser metal etching has been made possible with the help of the progressing technology.

Now people adopt laser metal etching as their hobby. They buy laser etching machines, laser etching pens and a lot more devices related to it and do what they want to do in their workshops. People start this as their hobby and end up having a business in this field because it is the only hobby which if done correctly can make you some real bucks. Laser metal etching has its applications in each and every field. It is used in the most important works like related to security. It etches security symbol on the products. It etches the company’s symbol on the products and the army badges are also prepared by the laser metal etching.

If you are going into this field then the first thing which you need to know is that you have to be extra careful. Take all the precautions and cover your face and hands if you are using a laser pen or CO2 method but if you do it through an advanced laser which is being operated by the machine and the object which is to be etched is on the table far away then you are definitely safe. You will also have to make sure that you have a firm grip on the laser because when you are working with a laser, it moves with such force that you feel like it will slip out of your hands in no time. If this does happen then the laser will cause fatal or serious damage. In order to get a better grip on it, it is better that you hold it in a manner that it is moving towards you instead of going away from you. In this way you will be able to use the weight of your body to keep the laser firmly in its place while it does the etching for you.

It depends on what you are etching. The art is also used in the decoration pieces. There are many metallic antiques which are sold on expensive price tags. The reason is that the beauty of the pieces due to the etched metal on it. The weapons are etched by the metal laser and the same is the case with all the appliances. It is also done with certain pass keys which are having important or confidential data behind their locks. The art is also used in making jewelries of various designs.